What to Look for When Buying a Mobile Home

Purchasing a mobile home can be an excellent move for those who are interested in buying an inexpensive cheap home that is easy to maintain. Despite the reputation that used mobile homes have garnered in some areas, these homes can be quite attractive and well-put together. In fact, some of today’s mobile homes are difficult to differentiate from stick built homes. Still, whether considering a place in Tampa Bay or other areas, in order to ensure you are happy with your purchase there are a few areas that you need to pay particularly close attention to when searching for a mobile home.

The Crawl Space

When viewing a mobile home, the crawl space is one area that you should be sure to check out. While many people do not care for going into the crawl space, this part of the home can provide you with valuable information regarding the overall condition of the home. When checking the crawl space, keep an eye out for rot, mildew, rust and other similar problems. While there, you should also check on the electrical work, as well as the ductwork and plumbing.

Heating and Air

Heating and air conditioning units can bring a unique set of concerns with mobile homes. First, you need to make sure there is adequate combustion air for a gas or oil furnace. The furnaces found in most mobile homes are the down-flow style, so you will want to be sure there is plenty of air flow at the underside. Furthermore, you should check to make sure the home has adequate ductwork. Outdoor tanks are also subject to condensation and rust, so be sure to check them thoroughly to ensure they are in good condition. Keep in mind that the bottoms are at a particularly high risk for rust.

Water and Sewage

If you are purchasing a home within a mobile home park, your water and sewage may be private or communal rather than municipal. Be sure to find out how your water and sewage is managed as well as who is responsible for maintenance and repairs. If your water and sewage is private, be sure to get it inspected before you make a purchase.

Owner Add-Ons

Many mobile home owners choose to add porches, additions and other extras to their homes. While these little extras may be nice, some do not have the proper knowledge to create these items correctly. For example, they may have failed to provide adequate ventilation underneath, they may have used unorthodox framing methods, they may have used substandard roof-to-wall flashings or any number of other problems. For these reasons, it is in your best interest to have the home inspected by a professional in order to be completely sure about the mobile home you are buying.