buy a homeIf you have been considering Tampa Bay, Florida or surrounding areas as a great place to retire, then you’re in for a real treat.  Not only is this area beautiful and brimming with things to do, there are also many Tampa Bay mobile homes for sale for affordable prices that meet nearly any retiree’s budget.

Not everyone has the accumulated wealth to purchase a traditional home in Florida, which is why mobile home living has become so popular among many of Florida’s residents as well as those looking to find 55+ communities.

Misconceptions about Mobile Homes

While it is true that mobile homes are less valuable than traditional homes, there are some misconceptions that typically keep folks from buying a mobile home and enjoying the affordability of mobile home living.

Some view mobile homes as a bad investment because they depreciate in value, much like a vehicle.  But when you compare the cost of buying a mobile home with renting a home or apartment in the same area, buying the home becomes a better value instantly.  And if you purchase a mobile home on its own land, especially in a retirement community, the land itself has a lot of value.

Buying a mobile home in the Tampa Bay area puts you in close proximity to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and several big cities.  If you decide to sell your mobile home later on, the odds that you will get your initial investment back are in your favor, although never guaranteed.

But regardless, most of the homes that are for sale in the Tampa Bay area are known as “double-wide” homes, and they tend to hold their value in a way that single-wide mobile homes do not.  And when set up in a retirement community, some of these mobile homes actually increase in value as more and more people look to retire with less money and lower incomes.

Why Choose Mobile Home Living in Sunny Florida?

There are a number of reasons that people are throwing these pre-conceived notions of mobile home living out the window and choosing to live out their retirements in the cozy luxury of a mobile home.  Mobile homes are not just initially cheaper to purchase, they are also cheaper to maintain.

The living space of the average mobile home in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas is around seventeen-hundred square feet, which is similar to the square footage of an average sized home or big apartment.  And since most mobile homes are built for energy efficiency, most folks who purchase a mobile home are surprised to see their energy costs lowered.

Mobile Homes Make Great Second Homes

And last of all, it is worth mentioning that many people who purchase a mobile home in a mobile home community in Florida don’t intend to stay in the home year round. Some folks, in fact, only re-locate seasonally to Florida to escape the cold of their home states.

Year-round residents of Florida sometimes dub these part-time residents “snow birds” since they come to Florida to enjoy its temperate climate while it is snowing in their home state.  Buying a Florida mobile home as a second home or vacation home is a great investment that you won’t regret.

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