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Welcome to Holloman Branch Estates mobile homes for sale! A common dream for relocation or retirement involves lying on a sunny beach, listening to the gulls fly overhead as gentle waves roll back and forth. Your toes in the sand, plans for fishing, boating, and snorkeling on your mind, life is good and the living is easy. Sound familiar? If you are like a lot of folks, this is the American dream. Contact us for more information or to set up a personal showing. If there are no current listings on this page, please contact us for more information or request an email alert of new properties entering the market.

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    Holloman Branch Estates Mobile Estates Homes For Sale

    You’ve worked hard all your life and you deserve it. Thankfully, there are affordable options for family friendly or retirement mobile homes in Plant City, Florida, that can be as cozy or as spacious as you wish.

    Mobile home living is an affordable alternative for those who want to live the retirement lifestyle without spending a lot of money, so it is perfect for those who retire on a budget, or just want to conserve their money for living the good life! Or, if you are not quite ready to retire, Mobile home living is easy on the wallet.

    Many people enjoy living in mobile home communities like Holloman Branch Estates Mobile Homes. These communities offer many shared amenities, like community pools, clubhouses and so on.

    Affordable Holloman Branch Estates Mobile Homes for Sale

    The Plant City, Florida area is popular among retirees and families because of the low cost of living that can be found in the areas many mobile home villages and communities. Plant City is located in Hillsborough County, Florida, and is situated within driving distance of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and its many beaches. Plant City is only a short distance from Tampa, Florida, and is accessible via Interstate 75.

    Living in a mobile home can have many advantages, the most obvious of which is affordability. Mobile homes can cost 1/10th of the price of a standard home or traditional home in this area. Yet mobile home living is very much like living in a regular home, right down to the fireplace in the den or the garden tub in the bathroom.

    Many people also cite, among the many advantages of the mobile home lifestyle, that lower tax liability of owning a mobile home and the fact that upkeep and maintenance costs are much less than that of standard homes. Further, heating and cooling a mobile home, even a double-wide mobile home, can be less than the energy costs for a regular home, since mobile homes are built to be energy efficient. Holloman Branch Estates is one of the more popular mobile home communities in the Tampa area.

    Mobile Home Living in Plant City, Florida

    Like most of the cities located in the Tampa Bay region, Plant City, Florida has a humid sub-tropical climate, which is why it is so often chosen as a relocation destination. Many residents of Plant City flock to this Florida hot-spot during the wintertime which is dry and mild, and averages around 62 degrees Fahrenheit on most days.

    Part-time residents are known as Snow Birds as opposed to year round Floridians, and they choose to “winter” in Florida and return to their home states during the summer. The summers in Plant City are hot and long, averaging above 85 degrees daily. When not taking in local sights and activities in Plant City, residents are just a short drive from Tampa, which is a larger city that offers even more when it comes to dining, shopping and entertainment.

    Finding Plant City, Florida Mobile Homes for Sale

    Finding a Holloman Branch Estates mobile home for sale is as simple as contacting us. We are premiere realtors when it comes to mobile home sales in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. We can show you how mobile home living can be a great choice for your retirement housing needs, and we can put you in a mobile home that suits your needs, quickly and easily. Don’t delay. You owe it to yourself to check out options in beautiful and home-like mobile home housing now!